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Mosquito Killing solutions

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The best mosquito killer machines are now available in Pune, India. The Mosquito Traps are made in India & indegeniously developed. These mosquito killing machines are absolutely safe to operate & the maintenance is negligible. Read the complete details and see if this product fits your need

Lets Understand How Mosquitoes Operate

 Very few people know this fact that only Female Mosquitoes bites us. They need our blood for reproduction. Male Mosquitoes do not bite us. In fact our blood is not their food. Mosquitoes, both male and female suck plant nectar as their food. Mosquitoes get attracted to humans using CO2, Human Smell and Heat radiating from the body. Other Mosquito control products such as fog, insecticides, coils, repellents, etc usually push them away using toxins. But as soon as their effect is gone, the mosquitoes come back to haunt us again. Hence no matter how much fogging we do, or repellents we use, we will never be able to control the mosquito population in our area.
Mozzzart mosquito traps, on the other hand, attract mosquitoes using CO2 & mimicking human body temperature. When mosquitoes come close enough, they get sucked in to the trap/net and die down because of the dehydration. This way, female mosquito population in the vicinity slowly goes down. When there are less and less female mosquitoes, the reproduction is disrupted and the mosquito population is eliminated by up to 90%. The male mosquitoes, due to lack of enough females in the area, migrate to nearby areas wherever they may find more female mosquitoes. This way, over the period of time, our surrounding areas become totally mosquito free as there are no males or females in the area and the breeding is stopped.

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See The Mosquito Killer In Action

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Our Satisfied Customers

The machines are electricity operated and does not cause any harm to humans, animals or environment.
We have Satisfied customers in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. If you are sick & Tired of mosquitoes in your property, call us now.

Over The Moon Resto & Lounge, Hyderabad
Surya Mother & Child Hospital, Wakad, Pune
Sarv Seva Sangh (NGO), Andheri, Mumbai
Bombay Bakery & Café, Hinjawadi
Hotel Radhika, Baner
New Sahiba Restaurant & Lounge
Hotel Greenvilla Lounge
Freudenberg Filteration Technologies, Sanaswadi MIDC, Pune
Tareef Restaurant, Aundh, Pune
Mrs Fredricks (Bungalow), Kirkee, Pune
Methodist Church, Kirkee, Pune
Super Engineers, MIDC Bhosari, Pune
Sneh Bungalow, Magarpatta
Mr. Jwalit Parmar (bungalow), Ahmedabad
Blue water Restaurant, Ravet, Pune
CEO Residence-Nilesh Kanade Group, Pune
Dr. Vikas Ahujja, Indore
Mr. Srikrish, Hyderabad
Mr Jatin Khanna, Hyderabad
Mr. Sanjay, Aundh, Pune
Mrs. Damayanti, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Gyan Ashram, Mumbai
Rosemarry School, Tamil Nadu
Dr Ajay Mehra, Chandrapur
Theos Multi-Cousine Restaurant, Baner, Pune
Magar Farmhouse, Khadakwasla, Pune
Farmaish Veg Cousine, Baner, Pune
Temptations Restaurant, Hinjawadi, Pune
The Gossip Club, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Unwind Restaurant, Koregaon Park, Pune
Cream Center, Bibvewadi, Pune
Wrong Turn Resto Lounge, Bhugaon Pune
City International School, Aundh, Pune
Dipankar Chaudhary, Konkan
Vharanda Pure Veg, Punawale, Pune
Hilton Hotel, Chennai
Mr. Sanjay Bhosale, Sangali
Mr. Kailash Agrawal, Pune
Mr. Jogalekar, National Society, Pune
Mr. Ashish D. National Society, Pune
Ruma Engineering, Hadapsar, Pune
Mrs. Radha S. National Society Pune
Nevis Networks, Pune 
Master Chef Restaurant, Bangaluru
Mrs. Rao, Bangaluru
Mr. David, Kochi
Shri Prabhuchhaya CHS, Andheri, Mumbai
Mr. Himashu, National Society, Aundh, Pune

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Installation Process

For this machine to function most effectively and to get the best results, there are certain things to be kept in mind.
  • The machine should be kept on 24*7. Do not worry, at Rs. 7/unit, this machine consumes less than 14 units of electricity per month and is designed to run round the clock.
  • The machine should be installed in open area, away from human activity
  • It is very vital that the machine is not exposed to the strong wind; this negatively impacts the effectiveness of the machine. If your property is exposed to the strong wind, then probably this machine wont work for you. For that matter, any other machine that operates on similar principles wont work.
  • This mosquito killer is best used on the ground floor. If you stay on first, second or third floor, install it on the ground floor. If you stay on the floor beyond 4th then drop the idea of buying this machine. We don't want you to waste your money
  • When installing the machine in garden or hanging from the tree, make sure that it is at least 2/3 feet away from bushes/leaves/vegetation.
  • This point is optional, however good to have. It gives even better results if the machine is installed next to septic tank/outside of the lavatory or bathroom.
  • Every 10/15 days when the naphthalene balls are consumed, put new ones in the net.
  • There is no need to empty the net off the dead mosquitoes. In fact, the more mosquitoes it gathers, the more attractive it becomes for the other mosquitoes.

Buy This Product on Amazon

Or Call us on 9284292045 or 7030533500 to get an attractive offer

All these mosquito control equipment are available in India. We also provide post sale service
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